This morning we had our wake up call at 6am, courtesy of the Hard Rock Hotels ‘celebrity alarm’ phone call which was too cool – answering the phone at 6am with Simple Plan telling you to get your lazy ass out of bed!

We left our hotel and it was still dark outside, and we were kind of convinced we hadn’t even been to sleep! We couldn’t believe how busy it was even at 7am, lines everywhere!

We went through Diagon Alley and finally did our first Harry Potter ride! The 3D effects were so awesome, when it makes you feel like you’re falling it REALLY works. And Jen’s phobia of snakes proved to be hilarious when a snake bursts out of a wall in 3D and came right up to the roller coaster hahaha, she was freaking out!


We rode the Hogwarts Express to Islands of Adventure…



And spent most of our day covering all the rides there! They were great – particular highlights include the second Harry Potter Ride, Jurassic Park, the Incredible Hulk roller coaster which I actually loved, and DEFINITELY this one called ‘Rip Saw Falls’ I think.


We went on this and Jurassic Park after asking one of the attendants, ‘does it get us very wet’ to which he replied ‘not much.’ ERM biggest lie ever! We got absolutely drenched, they were so much fun but I felt disgusting afterwards!!! Literally walking around the park like a drowned rat!

Near the end of the day, I grabbed a quick photo with the Grinch..


Before heading on to our second night of Halloween Horror Nights!! They went even more all out tonight, it was amazing. I’m actually going to type the rest of this tomorrow though because it’s almost 1am and I am absolutely dying of exhaustion!!! Sorry!!!


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