Continuing on from last nights post…

HHN on Halloween was just something else! Our first stop was the haunted house they built for The Walking Dead. So creepy!!! I get the impression we were walking through sets from the show, and there were zombies popping out at us everywhere… The scariest part though was walking in to a room with strobe lightning effects and there was like 15 zombies all shuffling around in there and you had to squeeze past them!

After that little nightmare we headed to Moe’s Tavern in Springfield and tried a Duff beer! Felt surreal sitting at Moe’s Bar haha!

Then we saw a live show, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure. It was so funny!!! They pretty much ripped celebrities apart in between huge dance/fight scenes. Even the free shows here are so well put together it’s crazy!

After that, we headed to our next haunted house…


Halloween! Man this one was the scariest house by far. Mike Myers popping out at you everywhere – terrifying! The two creepiest parts being walking in to a room filled with statues of Mike Myers, and one was real and jumped out at me just as I walked by! The other scariest moment being finally getting to the exit of the house… Laughing with jen and saying how scary it was… Turning a corner and out bursts one final Mike Myers with a chainsaw! Absolutely crapped myself!!!

After this we got our faces painted again…


And did our last haunted house, and repeated a few of our favourites from the night before!

Again though, one of the coolest aspects of HHN was the scare zones. The Purge and the Voodoo area are definitely the best!


They were going completely all out for Halloween! In The Purge, they had a guy on a microphone describing random people who walked by and saying they were the next target, and all the actors would chase after some poor person who would go running off terrified! And they brought out a huge truck and a load of motorbikes that were like a gang…


And amongst the crowd that gathered to look at the truck, there were actors, who would run out to the middle and be grabbed and shoved in the van and you’d just hear a load of chainsaws… It was SO creepy!!!!!!

Also my face paint totally scared a few kids haha. Oops.

I’ve woke up this morning with the most annoying sore throat, probably from all the screaming I have been doing the last two days!


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