This morning we went to Universal Studios for the last time! Our first stop was Diagon Alley and the newest Harry Potter ride (Paragraph about Harry Potter coming up, sorry for making you jealous again Nicola! Muahaha!)

We can definitely tell the ride is new! Yesterday we queued up to ride a second time and they had a technical problem when we were halfway there, meaning we got a one-time-use instant access ticket for when it was fixed. We used it today and skipped straight to the ride while everyone else had a 75 minute wait, hopped straight on…. And the ride breaks down while we are halfway through it! We were stuck on the tracks for a bit and when we got back to the entrance they gave us a free instant re-ride. Because of all these issues, we’ve seen more of Gringotts Bank than anyone else haha! There’s so many exits for when things go wrong! So yeah, the new ride definitely has its kinks.

BUT it’s awesome, the 3D effects are amazing – it’s definitely scarier than the other HP ride, and you go all through Gringotts bank, get attacked by Voldemort and Bellatrix, and get pulled through the sky by a dragon at a ridiculous speed!

Speaking of which, we realised today the dragon statue atop Gringotts Bank outside randomly breathes fire and roars every so often!

After we went on the ride we looked around Diagon Alley, the coolest part of which being somewhere called Knock Turn alley or something like that… It was pitch black and had a creepy shop filled with ‘dark arts’ stuff!

Anyway, end Harry Potter babble!!

We went on some of our favourite rides again, like the Simpsons which is just so funny and cool, and Transformers, where we also saw Bumble Bee outside taking photos with people…

…unfortunately with an enormous queue!

Then we caught the ‘Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Review’ show which was pretty fun and has given me the biggest urge to watch Beetlejuice again!!!


I did a bit of present-buying for Milo and then we headed off and checked out of the Hard Rock Hotel! I’m going to miss that place so much!!

Our new hotel is still really nice though, so it’s good we’re ending this holiday in decent places! Anyway, we checked in and went to Sea World because, like Busch Gardens, our tickets were free because of our Discovery Cove tickets.


Unfortunately this is the only photo I got here, because we put our phones in a locker straight away because of rides involving water. We went on a terrifying roller coaster called the Manta Ray, where your seat turns you horizontal so you’re just dangling above the ground face-down and then you shoot around the track like that! It was AWESOME but so scary!!!

We saw loads of enormous sharks and whales, and caught the Killer Whale show that was really impressive – man, they can jump!!! The front 15 rows got absolutely soaked beyond belief.

After this we left and just had dinner and are finally getting an early night – which is MUCH needed as my throat feels like I’ve eaten sand paper every time I swallow. Yuck. Tomorrow we’re off to Discovery Cove to swim with dolphins. Hope I don’t give them my cold!



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