Check it out, it’s me with Dash the Dolphin! At Discovery Cove today we swam with Dash which was a load of fun!

The highlight of the whole dolphin part of Discovery Cove today was definitely when I got to swim out to deep water, and out comes Dash to say hello… I had to grab on to her fin and one of her flippers and she pulled me all the way back to the shore! SO weird being pulled along in the water by a dolphin!!

Although a low point was definitely how much they charged for photos!!! $25 per print!!! Pfft. So I literally just got that one and figure I will keep everything else we did as memories; who needs photos!! Oh, we also got this complimentary photo when we arrived. (Weird lighting is because I’ve taken a photo of a photo here!)


Aside from the Dolphins, today’s trip to Discovery Cove was also filled with plenty of free food and drinks, swimming in a lagoon filled with massive fishes and manta rays, and also, a trip to their aviary which was SO good!!

It was three different areas filled with tropical birds, and as we went in we got to pick up pots of food and hold our arms out and the birds would come perch on us and pig out! It was so cool! I had rainbow-coloured little birds on my hand, big white birds… A blue and yellow bird took a particular liking to me and went walking all the way up my arm and chilled out on my shoulder for ages! Oh, and at one point a bird landed square on top of my head… But that was a little scary. Haha. And boy, did some of them dig their claws right in to my arm! Yeowch.

We also went to a little island in the middle of a lagoon and saw some tiny monkeys about the size of my hand – n’aww! Sadly no photos today because we were constantly in and out of water, so we just left our phones in a locker!

It was a great relaxing day, although I have ended up with some horrendous tan lines from wearing a 3/4 length wet suit all day! Oops.

Just one more full day left here now – though to be fair, I’m really looking forward to getting home now and having routine again!


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