Our last day in America has been spent at the place where dreams come true – Disney World!!!

We were a little apprehensive at the start of the day that we’d chosen to go to a park targeted to little kids, but it turns out this was the perfect end to the trip!!

Disney World is made up of four different theme parks, and with our dwindling budget we could only afford a ticket for one – so, we decided to head to the main park, Magic Kingdom!

We spent most of the day time going on as many rides as possible, and while some did look totally kiddy, there were some that were actually really fun – specifically all of the ‘mountain’ rides: Thunder mountain, Space Mountain, and Splash Mountain! Two of these being roller coasters and splash mountain being a log flume. I love how much work goes in to the theming of the rides in Florida! Space mountain was cool because the whole roller coaster took place in pitch black with just stars lit up around you, so it was like you were in space!

Here’s Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain:


Of course, the one downside to the parks is the food – our last dinner in America was a pretty abysmal fast food hot dog with some luke-warm chips. Vom!!

Oh, also, if anyone has $37,500 going spare…


The absolute highlight of today was as soon as the sun went down. Magic Kingdom is AMAZING at night!!! First of all we saw the Disney Electrical Parade, which just saw huge floats and lit-up vehicles showcasing Disney characters/history passing down the street.


After this parade, we walked up to Cinderella Castle and saw another – this one involving the entire castle being lit up and showing scenes from Disney’s biggest and newest films. This was the best parade!!! They had tributes to the Lion King and Aladdin, right through to having the Castle project the ‘Let It Go’ song from Frozen, showing scenes from Tangled, and, my favourite moment.. The entire castle turning in to a level from the Wreck-It Ralph film and being demolished! So cool!!



In between this parade and the next one scheduled, there was a little break, and I thought I heard a lot of gasping from next to us…. Finally clicked to what was going on – proposal! N’aww. Cue lots and lots of clapping from everyone in the crowd.

Finally, we saw Disney’s fireworks parade, which was so good and had fireworks going along to the rhythm of some classic Disney songs, and they kept playing the most memorable quotes from films like Aladdin, Little Mermaid etc…

The whole thing was so overly happy and ‘wishes-can-come-true-themed’ it was impossible for the atmosphere not to be infectious!

Although I gotta say, intermittently throughout the parades I kept thinking ‘this is incredible enough for me NOW, I wish I had seen this when I was little.’ I can’t even imagine how mind-blown I would have been haha! If I ever have kids, I will totally make it my goal to take them to Disney World while they are still young!! Pretty sure it would be the highlight of their entire childhood!

We caught a late bus back to our hotel and said goodbye to the Magic Kingdom. Yesterday we had said we wished Discovery Cove had been our final day activity because it was so relaxing, but I take that all back – Disney World was the perfect ending to a once-in-a-lifetime trip.



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