I’m going to start this post with a little more on yesterday because I rushed it so much!!

So Busch Gardens was filled with some terrifying rides, I managed to brave a roller coaster called Cheetah Hunt that took us around at the speed of a cheetah and included full 360 loops and periods where you were going along upside down… Vom!!!!

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Today we had a major lay-in and, after a late breakfast, decided to head to St. Pete beach and go jet skiing!!

Before being allowed to do so, we had to sit a multiple choice test after reading through a safety booklet and are now apparently officially licensed Jet Ski riders in the state of Florida for the next 12 months! Ha!

After the test, we headed to the water!!
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Today we may have been expecting rain all day but, aside from a bit of cloud, it was nice and dry! Hooray! The one and a half hour drive to Key West was pretty awesome, driving along with the ocean either side of us – but also terrifying when you thought about falling off the bridge that was literally maybe a foot above the water!

We arrived not really knowing what to expect. Erm, I don’t even know how to describe Fantasy Fest! Except maybe ‘Freshers Week But With Lots More Old People’

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